PeeWeeRobo.com is born from the desire to have a clean creative slate at a moment's notice, with no forethought or game plan, no rationale or justification. At first, I thought this site and the fictional character of PeeWeeRobo was going to be some sort of branding experiment. But it wasn't long after I got started that I realized it was much bigger than that - much more meaningful to me on a personal level. This site is really an excuse to leave my ego behind, and explore the grass with bare feet and a wild heart with no memory of Self. It's been one of the most rewarding spaces that never existed, and you are all welcome here any time.

These days I mostly create drawings, often using robots as my subjects - hence the ROBO in my alias' name. The PeeWee prefix in the name comes from my gamertag PeeWeeKillman, where most of my friends online know me simply as "PeeWee." That last point segues perfectly into this next point: making fine art here in my room isn't the ONLY bun I have in the oven. I'm often lost in design documents, obsessing over indie game projects for our artist-run company Blind Albino, which we'll be discussing here in the future.

My creative past tells the tale of a die-hard dreamer, and wanders in all sorts of experimental directions. I'm a PeeWee of all trades, having been a semi-pro skateboarder in my youth, a set designer for some CRAZY local cable-access shows, an in-store airbrush artist for the now-deceased music chain Tower Records, graduated from the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute at the turn of the century, video game tester for Lucas Arts/Obsidian Entertainment, 3D modeler and animator, various Art Director positions for media companies/projects, and all the while making fine art everywhere I went. I'd eagerly work with all forms of expression, and any sort of materials I could get my hands on! Nothing was/is off limits when it comes to my creative interests.

In my BLOG section I'll be making lots of videos about my creative process. I'm not really anticipating making full-fledged tutorials, but more like little windows into one artist's creative journey, narrated live for you as it unfolds. Never done anything quite this exposed before, but the opportunity to share (and maybe even show off a bit,) is too enticing a path to ignore. These video blogs will evolve over time, both technically and conceptually, but for now I'm just going to get some initial momentum going, regardless of direction.

In my ARTWORK section you'll find all sorts of images collected from different eras in my life, and from all sorts of divergent paths of artistic exploration. Depending on what form this PeeWeeRobo persona/website takes, there might be more categories added to the NAV BAR at the top of the site. For now, the ARTWORK section will show mostly very old works, while my current attentions will be focused mostly on the video blog entries.

So I thank you for visiting, it is truly an honor to have the gift of your time and attention. Very generous of you! And in return for that gift, I plan on finding creative and inventive ways to share and entertain anyone who is willing to stop by. Your viewership and participation are the special ingredient in this recipe, and I can't wait to see what happens!