For a while there I was obsessively toiling in a few popular 3D software environments, building a portfolio of various models and animations, mostly focused on video game asset creation.

This project never got completed. I landed the job that I was originally making this project for, so there was no need to go back and finish the narrative. (Spoiler alert: the infiltrator at the end climbs out of the water, plants a bomb on the silo's concrete foundation, and swims away to victory as the whole facility goes up in flames.)

Playing off the differing characteristics between Polygons and Nurbs, this animation went on to win the top prize at the 2008 Media Arts Award Competition, hosted by the Multimedia and Entertainment Initiative. Special thanks to all my friends who lent their voices to these geometric characters!

Seraphina is a character I invented for my 3D portfolio years ago. Just teaching myself how to work in a software pipeline incorporating ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, and so forth.

Posed like some action figure collectible, here's another sample of the Seraphina character.

Teddy is a stuffed sidekick to Seraphina, always ready to SPRING into action off that hydraulic peg leg he's so proud of. Fierce attitude, but on the inside, he really is just a Teddy bear.

Teevie is yet another cute little sidekick to Seraphina, loyal to the end.

Looking for a slightly different type of 3D asset to add to my portfolio, I came up with this ridiculous contraption. It would NEVER ride properly. But give me those keys regardless!

My name is Matt Woods, so I made a logo out of the two initials, MW. (I still love this object's shape!)

Admittedly one of the strangest things I've ever sculpted, this monster came to me in a dream. It was playing with toy plastic model battleships in a bathtub, splashing and laughing as it smashed ships together and occasionally ate them.

As we moved away from tube televisions and magnetic tape as our means to watch videos, I decided to pay my respects to the slowly-aging Color Bars graphic that had served us tirelessly all those years. I used this as my title screen intro for quite some time back then.

I often blasted out crappy, quick little logos like this one for any number of entities or individuals.

HomeLand Security Droid! This video got me a big-fish-in-little-pond award at Fullerton College at the time. Brand new to the world of 3D animation, my glee at indulging the process was incurable.

It only takes a few moments in ZBrush to come up with something fun and free. Love that software!

A still image rendered in Maya, this "3D Rings" scene was commissioned by a wedding cinematographer I went to art school with all those years ago.